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When Eggnog is More Than a Festive Holiday Drink

Happy 100th birthday, Grandpa! I’m taking a bit of a detour from normal for today’s post. It’s something more personal, but I think still relevant given tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Today would have been my grandpa’s 100th birthday. He passed away a number of years ago. Although there are many times throughout the year I […]

Five Lessons On Success From a National Champion

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!! On Saturday night, Nebraska Cornhuskers’ fans were glued to the television watching our volleyball team take on Texas for the 2015 national championship. Texas has been a long-time nemesis, so beating them was especially gratifying. What made this season even more special was that the finals were played in Omaha, less than an […]

Weekly Writing Prompts 12/20/15

Christmas a visual holiday. Everywhere we turn, there are lights, decorations, and carefully wrapped gifts. This week’s prompts reflect the imagery of the season. For each day, write a short story using the image, or write about what the image makes you think in terms of your own holiday traditions and memories.   WEEK OF […]

Constructing the Cubicle Jungle One Bathroom At a Time

One advantage of working in a corporate office is seeing the full range of people’s personalities and quirks. This can sometime be a challenge in the work environment, but seeing so many type of people is perfect for a writer. Hearing conversations and seeing how people react to different situations provides great material for fictional […]

Weekly Writing Prompts 12/13/15

With less than two weeks until Christmas, there are generally two types of people. Those that are either already done shopping and preparing (or at least close to being done), and there are those that are in full panic mode because they haven’t even started their holiday preparations. Either way, one way to get everyone […]

Weekly Writing Prompts 12/6/15

With Christmas preparations in full swing, television is filled with holiday movie favorites. Some stations started running Christmas movies 24/7 even before Thanksgiving. Every night, viewers can find an assortment of family friendly selections. This week’s writing prompts are all about holiday movies and television specials.   WEEK OF  DECEMBER 6, 2015 SUNDAY It’s A […]