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Why Reality Matters Even In Fiction

It’s been an interesting few days around here, to say the least. Two inmates escaped from the local prison last Friday. Police, state patrol, and even U.S. Marshall officials coordinated search efforts across the city. The first day, the search centered in a different part of the city. On the second day, things shifted to […]

What Happens After Graduation?

Graduation season is upon us. Everywhere I turn, friends are posting pictures of their grads in cap and gown, holding up their diplomas for the world to see. A significant part of any graduation ceremony involves speeches reflecting on the importance of education and various life lessons the graduates can use as they move forward. […]

Five Must Not Haves In My Writing Space

In my last post, I talked about my five Must Haves for my writing space, those things I always have nearby when writing. I figured it was only fair to talk about some Must Not Haves. Writers are notorious procrastinators. Anything new and shiny means something fun to play with instead of writing. Internet research […]

Five Must Haves In My Writing Space

As much as writers love to write, there are times when getting even a few sentences on paper is hard. After several weeks of being out of my regular writing routine because of family visits and special events, I hit this wall. I started and promptly abandoned several pieces because my brain just wouldn’t cooperate […]

What If We Didn’t Have Shakespeare?

“To be, or not to be – that is the question…” (Hamlet   Scene III Act 1) Whether you remember the rest of the speech or not, these words from Hamlet are familiar to most everyone who sat through a high school English class. While many cringe at the thought of studying Shakespeare, I am […]

Nine Creative Ways to Kill Time When the Office Computers Are Down

In the business world, more and more emphasis is placed on being paperless. Technology is utilized in new ways to process high volume work more efficiently. Automated processing helps large corporations provide quicker turn-around times and decreases costs. Well-qualified Information Technology specialists are prized workers as they are responsible for keeping work flowing from one […]

Why I’m Unplugging For Easter

Full disclosure – I do not like spring. As an allergy sufferer, spring is my least favorite season. While people talk about flowers starting to bloom and the grass starting to grow, all I can think is sneezing and itchy eyes. But there are some redeemable qualities of spring. As a Christian, first and foremost […]

When It’s Time To Rest – Blog Challenge Day 7

Today is the final day of the Seven-Day Blog Challenge. The topic for this final assignment is about reflection. With the hectic life most of us lead these days, we often dream of having a day to relax and do the things we want to do instead of what we have to do. We spend […]

Why Is It Hard To Ask For Help? – Blog Challenge Day 6

Day 6 of the blog challenge! Today’s assignment is about asking for help. Most people struggle with this, and I am certainly no exception. I have always been pretty independent. As a child, I always wanted to try things for myself, rather than have my parents help me. In school, I usually ended up doing […]

Paying It Forward – Blog Challenge Day 5

Today is Day 5 of the Blog Challenge, and it’s all about the idea of paying it forward. Whether it’s a family member, a teacher, or even someone we’ve never met, most people have had at least one person who influenced their lives in a positive manner. Those who influence others do so through their […]